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Yamaha Champion Riding School

 Yamaha Champions Riding School is coming to AMP for a one day program! Students will be introduced to the skills and techniques that YCRS have been proven for 17 years in making riders faster and safer. For this school students will be on their bikes. This school is being hosted by XCEL Track Days at AMP (Arizona Motorsports Park) near Phoenix, AZ. Space is limited so don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn from the best. Click on the logo to register with YCRS or Click Here to Register with XCEL.

  • XCEL 2015 Season Opener

    Registration is now open for the XCEL Trackdays 2015 motorcycle track day events. We offer a safe, closed course, format for riders of all abilities and skill levels. Join us on January 25th at the 2.3 mile Arizona Motorsports Park event and hone your Motorcycle riding skills with XCEL.

    Don’t forget to register for the XCEL  eBlast Newsletter for some important information about track day schedule, event planning, sponsors, and promotions.

    XCEL Trackdays 2015 Track Day Schedule – AMP

    01/25, Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, Arizona
    02/15, Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, Arizona
    03/22, Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, Arizona
    04/12, Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, Arizona
    05/17, Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, Arizona

    NOTE: To participate in track day events at Arizona Motorsports Park your motorcycle must not exceed 94dB.  We NO LONGER hold Sound Certification events but are qualifying bikes based on type and exhaust configurations. Email us at info@xceltrackdays.com and see if your bike qualifies. See the AMP Sound Information page for more information.

    For more information about sound requirements, go to www.arizonamotorsportspark.com.

Xperience The XFactor!

Why Ride With XCEL Trackdays?

Our riding coaches will ensure you master skills to safely achieve speed you never dreamed you could; and help you confidently conquer sweeping, tight and fast corners maintaining speed and in complete control.

Why Spend The Money On A Track Day?

Well, it’s cheaper than a speeding ticket and safer than the street!

Regardless of your skill level, a day on a race track will allow you the opportunity to enjoy the power of your motorcycle while learning to use your machine better and safer than you ever could on the street. Feel the power and rev the engine. Every corner is in the same condition every time you come around, allowing you to practice your skills to become a smoother, more controlled and skilled rider. Most importantly; we guarantee no old Buicks pulling out in front of you, no trucks slowing you down, no distracted drivers on cell phones and no stop-lights.

You will have the time of your life!

Click here to learn more about our trackdays and requirements!